24 Jul 2015

Dirt Quake 4 - #3

Dirt Quake is one of my favorite motorcycle events of the year. The people, the bikes, the races, the action, the pits, the track, the camp site next to the track, the riders, the music, the fun and the wonderful people that make it all happen. Thanks guys!

Dirt Quake 4 - #2

How I left Dirt Quake and arrived in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Great place, lovely people, I can recommend it for sure ;)

Dirt Quake 4 - #1

I'll go back in time. This was last Sunday.
My brother Martin Schuurmans on the right, me in the middle and Tin-tinovici on the left. This is a few minutes after I was released from the hospital showing my face and waving goodbye to friends at the Trackside Trailer Trash camping.

23 Jul 2015

Ben Part - Dirt Quake 4 - Inappropriate Road Bike - 3rd group - Second heat

Ben Part took these great action shots of me going over the finish line in the Inappropriate road bike - 3rd group - second heat at Dirtquake 4 last weekend.
And I love that shot of me smiling my face off after the race.  Thanks Ben!

Dirt Quake 4 - Inappropriate Road Bike - Final - Crash!

In the final I crashed in the last corner... Shit! Broke my collarbone and top rib and missed one hell of a party later that night. I spend the night in the hospital. I think I was going to fast in the corner and hit the teenage mutant ninja turtle a.k.a. Hubert Bastie. 

This is what he said: "Im happy you're ok. Yes you hit me, my leg was locked between your frame and your fork... I saw you crash right after. But damn !! Your were fast "

My brother was filming it from the start. Check the final here:

Dirt Quake 4 - Inappropriate Road Bike - 3rd group - Second heat

Dirt Quake 4 was brilliant! Thanks Sideburn Magazine and everyone involved!

The Suzuki GR650, that I build with my brother Martin Schuurmans in the last months, handled great on the track. I came in second in the first heat and... First in the the second heat! :)))
Check this video to see me win the second heat! :)

 Broke some bones in the final so that was a bit of a bummer but luckily my brother decided to come along to Dirt Quake and was able to drive me home safely, thanks bro for the good care! 

14 Jul 2015

Don't forget! This weekend. Sideburn Magazine presents: Dirtquake 4

GR650 Dirtquake trim

Don't worry, this seat is for Dirtquake only, and yes I know, it ain't pretty..!
We made it in one hour or something like that if that's any excuse :)

Yes! The GR650 is ready for Dirtquake $

Small update:

We did it! The bike is race ready for Dirtquake #, thanks for the help everyone, especially you BC! We couldn't have done it without you :) 

Dropped my phone in the toilet this week so no instagram updates lately, sorry about that! You might have followed the progress on my brothers instagram: Martin_Schuurmans.

We had some problems last weekend but we managed to get the GR650 Dirtquake ready :) I convinced my Martin to come along to Dirtquake after I let him test ride the bike, haha. First time for him on a motorbike. Let's hope he's hooked from now on.
My boss will give me the last two hours off on Friday so we're leaving Amsterdam around 15.00 hour this friday. Just booked the Eurotunnel train at 22.30 so we're gonna arrive late in Norfolk but it looks we're gonna make it..! Now I'm getting real nervous, ha!

11 Jul 2015

Trying to get ready for Dirtquake!!!

Aaahhh!! Trying to get ready for Dirtquake!!! Bought my first car (Daihatsu gran move) to get there. Still need to find out if I can fit the GR650 in the car...! 

 New wheels arrived, looking great! Could use some help. :) 
Yesterday we wanted to change the oil, normally it contains 2.4 liter of oil. It flowed out much faster than normal and it didn't stop after 2.4 liters. I think it was something like 5 liters this time and it smelled like gasoline, shit! So how can that happen? Troubles with the carbs is my first guess. Have to find out this weekend because I'm leaving to Dirtquake next Friday! 

 Oh, who's also planning to go to Dirtquake this year? More Dutch guys? Leaving Amsterdam on friday around 17.00 hour. Still have to see hom much space I have left in the Gran Move but I think I have an extra spot  left in my car so if you would like to go to Dirtquake send me an email. lennardschuurmansATgmail.com

8 Jul 2015

Rusty Gold Motorshop

The news is out! My Good friend, and Rusty Gold Swap Meet partner in crime, Zoran Holtkamp is starting a new adventure under the Rusty Gold flag. He's going to open the Rusty Gold Motorshop in Amsterdam, so cool to finally share this news with you guys!

Carefully selected motorcycle lifestyle related clothing and accessories, from all over the world. Hard to find brands, magazines, books and art. And even a selection of cool vintage parts, in a vintage automotive inspired interior. Some of the confirmed brands are Iron and Resin, Eat Dust, Biltwell, El Solitario, Edwin, Vans, Roland Sands and loads more. Besides being a store, the Rusty Gold MotorShop will also serve a social aspect. Meeting up with your buddies before a ride-out, taking a pit-stop during, or just hang out and have a chat whilst enjoying a great Rusty Gold Coffee. No 'soy decaf lattes with hazelnut syrup shots'. And sorry, but no glüten-free cheesecake with organic raspberries either. What you will get is a great tasting and strong cup of Coffee. High quality but without any modern day mishmash and for an old fashioned price.

There is no such thing in Amsterdam or the Netherlands so perfect timing my friend :)  
Zoran can use some extra support so if you like this idea and would like to help a little please go to his crowdfunding Indiegogo page!
Support the underground, show you care, and don't forget to tell this to you're friends! :)

The Rusty Gold MotorShop logo is designed by the talented Menze Kwint.