23 Mar 2011

Uberschnap and The Mighty Gusset

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Please Donate

Motoyan a.k.a. Hideyuki Usui and friends are making trips to the north of japan to help.
You can help them by pay pal'ing a donation to


follow their work at stu2011.blogspot.com
and at the nfkffnfk blog

"We spread food to the people. And those who could get our supplies, they cried and said "Thank you so much..." Food, diapers, milk, etc, all those things are bought by your donation. and gasoline for our vans. Gasoline saved an old man, who couldn't go to hospital because there were no car available because of lack of gasoline. He had requiring dialysis. If you donate $100.00, we can buy 100 of bottles of 2 litter water. And we can spread those bottles of water to 100 people. And if we share a cup of water, may be we can share those water to 1000 people. Your donation really saves these people lives. And I would like to say thank you guys. Much love and respect. I can't say good enough. "