13 Aug 2012

The man behind the Bubble in Sideburn 11

It's strange to read about your own work in your favourite magazine but that's what just happened to me.
The man behind Bubble Visor is a seven page interview in Sideburn Magazine.
Background information about this blog and my artwork, future plans with Barn Fresh, Rusty Gold, etc.
And of course much more cool bike stuff. 
Thanks Ben and Gary, I'm stoked!

Support the underground. Buy Sideburn issue 11 here
And if you hurry you can still buy the Bubble Visor x Sideburn Tees in a few sizes here

City Beatle

Spotted this nice black and white Beatle yesterday

SuperBikers - A Breed Apart

Watch this Superbikers movie
23 minutus of superbike historie
Thanks for the tip Ton!

Moto Becane Roast Beef

Bubble Mail:
"Hi !

I read your blog and delicious pictures since one years now. I did not saw a lot of mopeds there, only a few,
well, here is my last moped build, hope you like it ;)


Thanks Thomas,

Very cool build.
Nice color combination, looks fresh and the pictures are great.

Read more about this 1968 Moto Becane Roast Beef on 
the Children of Decadence, Parisian moped crew site


Found on Born Loser


Some very nice classic bikes.
Realy love the France paint job.
All pictures found on Motart