30 Apr 2015

GR650 - battery and electrics box

Last weekend:

Martin had some troubles with a leaking roof so we only worked on Saturday.
He finished the mudguard and worked on the exhaust and I worked on the battery and electrics box. 
The shape of the box is inspired by an old oil tank. With the paper mock up from the week before I first made a carton version and after some tweaking I used that to make a metal version. Next time
I'm going to weld the thing, looking forward to that! :)

But first it's time for our Rusty Gold Swap Meet!
Don't forget! Rusty Gold this sunday at the Cruise-Inn in Amsterdam. 
We are praying for good weather and we hope to see you all there!

GR650 two weeks ago

Two weekends ago:

Martin and I decided the rear of the GR needed some extra attention. So we chopped of the rear mudguard and tried to straighten the sub frame a little by grinding the frame on the right side, pushing it down a mm or two and welding it together again. It's hard to see in the pictures but it's a little better now. :)

Than we tried to attache the rear mudguard in a straight line on the frame. Wow, what a pain in the ass, it took us ages to get it right!!!  To be honest it still isn't perfect but it will do, ha!

Than Martin tried to make a nice flowing line from the rear mudguard to the frame and meanwhile I to worked on a paper and tape sketch for the battery box.

Neo tokushima #1

Some nice pics from Neotokushima

Neo tokushima #1

Some nice pics from Neotokushima