13 Jan 2011

Secret Wars Final

I'm going to London for the Secret Wars Final.
If we (Team Amsterdam) win this final we get a trip to New York...!

will be back on monday.
have a nice weekend. cheers,


On my wish list; Suzuki Bandit 400 wwith sumo wheels

Bron - Google

Yamaha XS400 Bron - Motor-Forum

Bron - Google
Nice ZZChop artwork

I love the lines of this Stoop Motorcycles Low Rider

The Beast

Check The Beast here
a small selection
nice gloves

look again...!


nice Mooneyes 2010 visitor bike pics on japanese Design, Motorcycle and Lifeblog FullFeiz

Church Of Bow Choppers

Bron- church of choppers

Bron- church of choppers

Bron- church of choppers

Bron- BowChoppers

Bron- BowChoppers

Troop Moto(3)

not as nice as an original Bell Moto3 but they look the bizz.
pitty they changed the venting pattern but it's nice they are available in "vintage yellow"

"Product Description

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, we go and stir it all up again! Introducing the newest member of the TROOP family of full-face goodness - the MOTO. Reinventing the style of the original in the same lightweight shell and functional features of the Troop lineup was the goal, and it sure does deliver. Padded chin strap with D-ring? Check! Removable liner? Check! Bitchin' gloss black, flat black and vintage yellow? Check, check and check! We got it all covered, and it even comes complete with the removable, tinted visor with awesome boomerang action for when you're caught in those late-night tight spots! Why are you still sitting there staring?? Get yours and get going!

Remember, ALL TROOP HELMETS are non-DOT approved and meant for novelty use only."

get them here

Thanks Zoran for the tip!


received this nice mail

"Great Blog. Really great. I am a big fan and its such a great source of inspiration for everyone building custom bikes.

My friend and I have been working on a bike for a few weeks and here is the result.
He takes some great photos but we don't have a blog at all so thought you might like to see them and possibly put them on yours.

Thanks very much,
Nick Humphreys and Hugo Periera"

thanks Nick and Hugo!