27 Nov 2017

Cool Kid Customs - Honda Transalp 98 - WarMachine

This is the best looking Honda Transalp on ze planet, no doubt about it! The Lego colour combo in combination with the white grey and black, looks so good on te bike! It looks like a toy for adults, and who wouldn't like to play with this Transalp all day? I know I would! :) And the cool thing is you can ride this thing to the other side of the planet, it's still a Honda Transalp. This is Cool Kids Customs latest. Cool Kid Customs is a custom bike garage located in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Specialized in custom bikes, turning heads and making noise since 2014

24 Nov 2017

GR650 update

Bigger checks on the seat look much better :) Parked it in front of the Rusty Gold shop to get a better look.
Keep in mind,, I'm still waiting for our gas tank, so this damaged gas tank is only for reference... But! I might have to source an XT500 gas tank because this looks als very nice :)))

23 Nov 2017

Chip Moto #2 Flat Head Racer

This crazy nice Flat Head Racer from Chip Moto Cycle has one of the radest paint jobs I've seen lately. I might borrow some ideas for my Townsmoker project :)

Chip Moto #1

An other cool shop from Japan that I found via Custom Font is Chip Moto