30 Sept 2013

Thrive Motorcycle

Thrive Motorcycle send me some nice backstage pics. Thrive Motorcycle is a customs garage based on Jakarta, Indonesia. Check their nice video on vimeo

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2013 Amsterdam - Part 1

Yesterday was a perfect day. Great people, nice classic bikes and customs, nice food and the weather was amazing. Thanks everyone for organizing a brilliant event. It was a blast. I won first price for best dressed dapper dude, ha! The price was a beautiful Oris watch sponsored by Amsterdam Watch Company. Flabbergasted!

Rockmotorsport - Kaanaan Kahinat 2013

Dope video from Rockmotorsport, thanks!
Watch it full screen!
Great action shots

28 Sept 2013

Get your suit on!

In a few hours the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride will start on different spots around the world.  Get your suit on!
Ben Part made this brilliant pic last year at the DGR in London.
Check the DGR site for a ride near you. Maybe we'll meet tomorrow in Amsterdam. Ride save and make some noise:)

On a side note. Last Sunday an idiot tried to kill me with his car and to avoid that I crashed my SV again. suckysucky
And some minutes ago I had my first flat tire on the highway with my Super 100.
That's some scary shit I can tell you...!
So tomorrow I will ride my GR650 :)

Spyshots BMW R1200R Custom

Found here and here

What do you think?

20 Sept 2013

Tonight in Amsterdam! Tin Can Customs and Nozem present Good Neigbours Ride In

Wheels and Waves 2013 - saturday at the lighthouse - part 2

Wheels and Waves 2013 - Saturday at the lighthouse - part 1

Two days ago Southsiders MC announced on their website:

"We're already in the middle of planning the 2014's edition of Wheels and Waves; the inspiration is already gaining momentum we just need to put the ideas into practice!
Stronger, faster, further! Til next year..."

That's probably the best news I heard this year!
Read the rest of the post on Soutsiders MC here with loads of brilliant pictures

When I read the news I realized I never posted my pictures of the last day in Biarritz
So here are some more pictures of Wheels and Waves 2013 and start saving for next year you suckers!