24 Aug 2011


Bubble mail:

"Hi Bubblevisor love the blog
This is my 91 zephyr 750. This started as a frame engine and wheels and a box of bits bought for £200. It was always meant to be a cheap project (total about £1500). The frame has been modified with a loop at the back the wheels, frame and tank where painted black. The mudguards are both made from one and all brackets were made in the shed. A lot of bits have been binned including idiot lights. I made the seat myself from scratch. The airbox was modified to let the seat fit and all electrics are under the seat. Hagon off road shocks I had lying about are on the back. The exhaust is the original downpipes mated to megaphone silencers (very nice sound). The bars are GSXR400 clipons which fit straight on to zephyr forks. It’s not meant to look immaculate and is very practical and comfortable. It is fully road legal and had its first run out for the NW200 which was wet and miserable with only one race but the zephyr was fine. The bike sort of just developed as it went. Hope you like it. Looking forward to my next build.


Nice bike Sam, thanks!