18 Jul 2016

Dirt Quake 5 - inappropriate Road Bike Class - Final

Dirt Quake V was, again, super rad! Great crowd, awesome bikes and riders, fantastic weather and top notch atmosphere all around the event. 

Gary Sideburn put me and my GR650 in the Inappropriate Road Bike Class this year, I don't know why but thanks anyhow Gary! But to be honest, my bike was not very inappropriate compared to the rest of the grid, haha. 

We had 30 riders in our class. 3 groups of 10 riders that did 2 heats. The first heat I finished 3rd in my group and in the second heat I finished 2nd so I qualified for the final...! Rad! As you can see I had a very bad start in the final, falling back to the end of the grid, and half way trough the race I had some trouble passing the Yamaha T-Max... Yes a giant T-max motor scooter, ha! In the end I finished 4th. Not too bad...! Glad I did not brake any bones this year, hahaha! 

Thank you so much Martin for riding us again to King's Lynn and for helping me built this GR650 Town Smoker! Zoran from the Rusty Gold Motorshop joined us this year and also finished 4th in the chopper class on his XS650! Thank you Rev'it! for sponsoring the Rev'it! Monster 2 gloves! Goal for next year is to race the GR650 in the street tracker class.