9 Sept 2013

Inazuma Cafe Racer - Part 2

One custom bike can change your idea about a bike. B.R. Moto's Yamaha Fazer 600 is one fo those bikes. Never imagined I would start looking for a Fazer on ebay. The paintjob on this thing is brilliant!
Found this bike on Inazuma Cafe racer.

GR650 for sale on Dutch Speurders site

Saw this Bike on Speurders yesterday (Dutch site similar to Ebay)
There are not many cool GR650's on the road.
This is a very nice one. Not a big fan of the seat but the rest of the bike is great. It's for sale for 2500,- Euro. I have nothing to do with this ad. I just like the bike :)
Check it here

Wow, they removed the monoshock for stereo shocks. That's crazy! Why?

Mecanico Canhoto

Makoto's nice blog Mecanico Canohoto