9 Jun 2011


I'm going to Silverstone tomorrow on my GR650, yeah!
to watch the MotoGP and a Short track race with Gary Inman from Sideburn

For the people that aren't going to Silverstone this weekend go to the SouthSiders 3rd anniversary with a three day event being staged in Toulouse in France.
The chosen venue is a magnificent Manor house set in a tropical garden seemingly forgotten in time. Against this incredible back drop will be work by photographers, artists and sculptors as L'admiral, Alwest créations, Dimitri Coste, Polo Garat, Bertrand Grégoire,Scott Pommier , Mark woodhatch and Also A showcase by Ruby Helmets and Vitesse Moto, alongside a selection of two and four wheeled machines!
Southsiders invite you to join them in their celebrations commencing at 1800hrs at 113 Rue des Amidoniers in Toulouse... look out for alligators!

more info here