14 Aug 2012

Barn Fresh x Bubble Visor Tees - Update

Fresh from the Stencil Kelder in Amsterdam.
Paper risograph Barn Fresh stickers to put on the envelopes.
Will make vinyl stickers in ze future so you can stick them on your motorsickle.
Hope to receive the string and washer envelopes tomorrow and than I can start
taking orders, oh yeah!

The Barn Fresh webshop is not operational yet so in the first weeks I will do all handling myself.
Check the sizes below in cm or inch to be sure you order the right size.

Go to the Bubble Store for more info

Green MC

Some nice chops from Green MC

I hear some people have problems with erors on this blog.
Does bubble visor crash sometimes when you visit this page?
What error do you get?
Please let me know and I will try to fix it.