20 Mar 2014

Mutt Motorcycles

Bubble mail:

"Hi Lennard, 
I've always been a big fan of bubble visor and it has been a real inspiration to us, we thought you might like to see our Mutts, they are all 125cc bikes, if you get chance have a look here and specifically look at the blog for some of our custom versions, all the bikes are brand new.. Our aim is to make small cc bikes cool again.. and accessible. http://muttmotorcycles.com/ keep up the great work! 


Thanks Cooter!
That's one good looking motorcycle. I think it's the best looking brand new small cc bike with an old skool look you can buy today!

Here is some more info from the Mutt Website 

"One of our main objectives was to keep the cost of 'The Mutt' as low as possible and still provide a quality product and with that in mind we needed a base to work from. We began a relationship with The Herald Motorcycle Company with  their approval to use the ‘Classic’ model as a base for our motorcycle. Why did we choose to use the HMC Classic? The HMC uses a version of the bullet proof Suzuki GN 125 made by a Suzuki partner which is in itself a perfect starting point, combined with spoked wheels, rear drum brake, a stylish British inspired tank and a classic frame shape and seat the HMC spoke to us. This motorcycle works and performs just like any modern Japanese 125cc bike.  So how does the Mutt differ from the standard HMC Classic and other similar factory produced bikes? We love the little HMC Classic in it’s stock form but for us it didn’t quite cut it.. although it has beautiful retro styling it needed that bit of extra oomph. The first job is to swap those wheels and tyres out, the stock wheel sizes are 16” and 17” with standard road tyres... o.k for a little commuter but not suitable for mud plugging, curb jumping and hacking through city traffic. We rebuild our wheels with stainless steel spokes and chrome rims, 'The Mutt' runs an 18” front and back which lifts and lightens the bike and gives it more of a 60’s/70’s British bike vibe, we also dump the standard suspension and add a set of higher quality adjustable chrome shocks combined with the vintage Dunlop block style tyres. Our wheels are built right here in England. We just knew there was a bit more power hidden in that little engine so we made a new free flowing high level exhaust system for 'The Mutt'. We then had it triple chrome plated and topped it off with a chrome Burgess silencer... a bit of extra power and an engine that sounds like it should - perfect.  To continue with the desert sled vibe we went for high mounted aluminium mudguards front and back with a little flexible rear light. Of course you are not limited to our standard Mutt,  we have plenty of ideas and can personalize your Mutt for you. Two years warranty."

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