11 Apr 2013

The Build

Bubble Mail:

"Hi lennard!

I wanted to share one of our latest projects, a labor of love. The Build (thebuildfilm.com) is a new interactive short film that looks at storytelling in a different way, by combining film with emerging web technologies. The story captures the values and culture of the motorcycle builder community in Portland, from the perspective of three independent bike builders.

Instrument’s goal with The Build was to blend design and technology in groundbreaking ways. It pairs traditional filmmaking with new school interactive and social experiences that push the envelope of browser technologies like webGL and HTML5 video. In short, we crafted a site that plays web video and includes heaps of animation without using any Flash.

Hope you enjoy the film experience!"

Thanks Thor!

Just watched it all(I think)
This is very cool! Great video experience. Watched it on a 24 inch screen. Brilliant. What a nice footage. That last shot with the traffic going true the hills ending with the stars lighting up in the sky is probably one of the most beautiful shots I've seen in a long time. I was WOWing out loud, ha.
Click here to see this next level film, and if you can, take your time and watch it on a very big screen.
I promise you, you wont regret it.

KTM 390 Duke 2013 - 1000PS

I think this is the first online review of the new KTM 390 Duke
What is that thing doing on Bubble Visor you may think.

I think this can be the bike we have all been waiting for
It is light - 140 kilogram
It has a powerful 1 cylinder engine
It probably has a nice sound with the right exhaust
A cool looking frame
Nice rims, good brakes, etc.
And the most important thing is.. it is cheap! 5000,- or something like that.

This could be the most interesting platform on the market right now to build a custom bike
Imagine this bike without the orange and all the plastic parts
It's fast enough for a cafe racer, tracker, scrambler, etc
This bike can be so many cool things.

Please KTM send one of these Duke 390's to Roland Sands, Cafe Racer Dreams, the Wrench Monkees, Mule and El Solitario and this could be the new weapon of choice in the custom world


Left Hand Cycles presents The LHC # 2

Bubble Mail:

"Here it is ! The LHC # 2 .
Raw ,minimalist, either one of a kind.

The Honda CB 750 is a motorcycle built in 1982 and we were right minded, how it should look.
We tried to create something, original and rough,based on enduro motorcycles,but with a four cylinder engine.
Certain details give the bike a unique character.
For example a double mounted sprocket based on our love for riding fixie bikes.
The seat has a characteristic appearence of a leather chesterfield sofa.
We chose for minimal :'less is less !
The Heidenau K60 tires give this bike an extra dimension.

Turn the throttle,hear the sound of the open exhaust and let the squirrels and deer disappear !

Coming soon The LHC#1  !!

Lex and Richard

Thanks Guys, cool build!
But now I'm confused
LHC#1 is coming soon and LHC#3 was also finished before LHC#2..?
Luckily Left Hand Cycles will be present at Rusty Gold 2013 so I can ask if this is a left hand thing.

Paname Motorcyclettes - Art Mechaniques - Paris

The collective Paname Motocyclettes is organizing a modified motorcycle event. Bikes, whether European, Japanese or American, will be presented in multiple forms: choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, street-racing, trackers, drag, with focus placed on their modifications and craftsmanship.
We consider the modification of motorcycles a creative process combining imagination, skills, mechanical aptitudes and design fundamentals. This exhibition of mechanical arts is unique in its character for France, about twenty bikes will be on display.
Taking place on Sunday, April 21st, 2013 the schedule will be as follows:
-        Morning: ride in and around Paris with displayed bikes.
-        Noon: group lunch by reservation. (12€)
-        2 to 7 pm: bike exhibition at Casa Nova *, Paris-Aubervilliers.
Entrance: 7€ - Bar / Two wheels parking

* 15-17 rue Danielle Casanova, 93300 Aubervilliers, France – metro Fort d'Aubervilliers