31 Oct 2011

Le site du mois - Bubble Visor

In the latest isseu of the French Moto Magazine my blog Bubble Visor is site of the month.
Merci beaucoup François Barrois!

Dutch Motorcycle Historie part 3 - Dutch TT Assen

More fantastic pictures from the Dutch internet archive GeheugenVanNederland.nl (The Memory of the Netherlands)

As a kid I grew up 30 km south of the Dutch TT Track in Assen. My parents don't have the motorcycle DNA running through their veins so when I was a kid I never went to he actual races but I went there on my bicycle to see al the bikes in the parking lots, the roads and camping sites around the track. I was more interested in seeing all the bikes than the race anyway. I still walk around, during the races,  with my camera watching the bikes in the parking lots...

Close to our village was a highway and most of the Germans that would go to the Dutch TT would pass that road. The day before and after the Dutch TT  I was sitting there to watch them go by

The Dutch TT has long history. traditionally held on the last Saturday of June.
The original Assen track was first used for the 1925 Dutch TT(Tourist Trophy) race, held on country roads through the villages of Borger, Schoonloo and Grolloo, and organized by the Motorclub Assen en Omstreken. The brick-paved track had a length of 17.75 miles (28.57 km). The winner was Piet Van Wijngaarden on a 500 cc Norton with an average speed of 91.4 kilometers per hour (56.8 mph).

Since then the event has taken place every year with the exception of the years 1940 to 1945 because of the Second World War. This makes it the longest-running event on the MotoGP calendar.