17 Jan 2014

Djien's Ducati S2R 1000 Biggelaar Special update

In 2012 I did a post about a beautiful custom Ducati S2R with a red Radical Ducati Tank. A year later I spotted that same bike in the streets of Amsterdam with a new tank. This time with a stunning black carbon fiber Ducati Corse gas tank. Djien, the owner of this very nice Biggelaar Special e-mailed me last week and I remembered that I never posted these pics with the black tank.

Last summer he made a trip to Spain with his friends on their custom Ducati's to visit Radical Ducati.
Djien's bike was inspired by Radical Ducati's iconic Pursang and his bike was build by Biggelaar Performance in Oisterwijk.

A few days back Radical Ducati announced they will stop their workshop and stop their activity. Sad news because Radical Ducati was a big inspiration for a lot of people in the scene and Djien's S2R is a very nice example of their influence.

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