4 Apr 2014

Throttle Twisting Sunday - part 3

Flake Kings swap meet - part 2

This beautiful flat head was parked outside at the Flake kings. I think it's perfect. Would not change a thing
From what I've heard the owner is riding this stunner on a regular basis.
Love the (car)number plate and the mud scraper in the front

Trip to Eindhoven in a deux chevaux - Flake Kings swap meet - part 1

On Sunday the 16th of February the Flake Kings organized a very good swap meet.
Aad, Zoran and me went there in Aad's charming deux chevaux
Forgot to post these pictures of this great event in Eindhoven..
So here they are and I hope you get in the mood for our swap meet next month on the 4th of May. Rusty Gold :)