20 Sept 2014

Motorcycle House - Scott Safari Facemask Review

Some weeks ago I received this Scott Safari Facemask from Motorcycle House.
They asked me if I wanted to do a review of one of their products and in return I could keep the product. Had to think about it for a while but I decided to give it a try.  I always wanted to try on a Scott Facemask so this was a good opportunity... :)

Motorcycle House is selling the facemask on their website for $55,25.
The picture on the website shows a mask with a blue lens and the Scott letters on the bottom of the mask are white.

When I received the Scott Facemask it had a red lens and the Scott letters where black...?
To be honest I think that's not a good thing. They should change the picture because this is misleading. But.. I'm glad I got the red lens, blue lenses are not very nice to ride with.
I painted the Scott letters white because I think it looks better that way... :)

In the 70's and 80's Scott produced similar face-masks that where used in the BMX and MX scene.
I prefer the styling of the old facemasks because they are more simple in design and have better looks.

Here are some specs.  
-Oversized hypoallergenic face foam.  
I've used the mask on the highway with max speeds of 150km per hour. The mask is pushed against your face on high speeds but it's not annoying or painful. On top of the goggle there's some extra foam that fills up the gap between the goggle and your helmet.

-Air Control System (ACS) for active lens venting. NoFog anti-fog lens treatment
I found out that combo is really useful. I've never had fog problems riding with this facemask. Works fantastic. 

-100% UV protected Amplifier TruView thermal lens.
The lens seems to work fine.

I normally ride with glasses. I tried to wear the mask in combination with my glasses but it's very uncomfortable. It feels painful and I had the feeling I was damaging my glasses so I won't recommend to use the mask in combination with your glasses.

I'm not a big fan of the graphic print on the black strap but the strap works fine. It doesn't slip.
I've ridden the facemask in the rain, in cold and hot weather and my overall impression is that it's working just fine in all conditions. It gives some extra protection in the rain and in cold weather.
The noise level is a bit stronger than riding without the mask but it's not irritating loud.

Bubble Visor is giving this Sott Facemask 7 points out of 10 

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