3 May 2014

Chopper Addict - Off Line Buy and Trade swap meet 5th

One of the evens that inspired me to organize the Rusty Gold swap meet 3 years ago is The Off Line Buy and Trade swap meet in Nagoya, Japan. This year they organized it for the 5th time.
Here are some nice pictures of the event. Pics from Chopper Addict  

If you're planning to bring your rusty treasures tomorrow to Rusty Gold think about your presentation a little bit. :) If you make it looks good, big chance people think they need to take your crap home, ha!

Some things you should know for tomorrow.

1. get there early if you want toswap or sell your rusty gold because spaces are limited. We are here from 9 am, Rusty Gold officially starts at 10.

2. You can park yer motorsickle, like last year, beautiful in sight along the right side of the property.
Try to keep clear a path so there's still enough space for a car to pass if necessary.

3. Don't park your car in the Cruise-inn swap meet spot! PLEASE NOTE  don't park your car along the way in front of the Cruise-Inn. Big chance you will get a ticked if you park it there...
Cars are allowed on the parking lot of the student residences. You will find it on your right, just before the Cruise Inn.

We will stay close to the gate near the Bran Fresh stand to welcome you. If there are urgent questions on the day itself and you can't find us then try our mobile phones: 

06 305 207 44 - Lenny  
06 432 788 44 - Zoran 

Hope to meet you all at Rusty Gold tomorrow!