30 Aug 2013

Mark's Bike World - part 1

Just found out that Mark Huang is one of my favorite builders, ha! He made a lot of customs that I really like but I never connected the dots. Mark lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. This is just a small selection of the bikes he build. More to follow. Check his work here

LSR Bikes - part 1

Found a very cool motorsickle blog LSR from spain.
Check the blog here

BMW Bobber R 75/6 - Kingston Custom Cycles


The lines on this bike are perfect
Check Kingstons blog here

29 Aug 2013

Just one question - Arthur Paul Heisler - Wheels and Waves 2013

My one question is:
Who handed me the crackpipe just before I got interviewed for this very nice short movie from Arthur Paul Heisler?
Now sit back and enjoy the movie and start saving for next year.

The Iron Lady - Squariel Bobber - Redmaxspeedshop

So cool!
The Iron Lady in the mist
Check more Redmaxspeedshop pictures here

Shimobros - part 4

Last post for now of the Shimobros

Kiez Kustoms CR-B666

Kiez Kustoms needs to buy lamps for their studio but they build cool bikes

Does anyone have info about that fairing?
I want it for my SVproject!