28 Nov 2010

Suzuki GR650

sweet Suzuki gr650
bron motor-forum.nl

bron- zelastchancegaragedu78. Does anyone know this rear tire? would like to have one for my GR650
!!update its a bridgestone batlaxx rain tire, not for street use.. !!

bron- zelastchancegaragedu78

bron- zzchop

bron- motorcyclefederationbrooklyn

Attack Choppers

Attack Choppers update
more on the attack blog

Bijschrift toevoegen

Magneto Zoo

found these cool pics on the nice Magneto Zoo Blog

25 Nov 2010

Nostalgia on Wheels

again some very nice vintage stuff from Nostalgia on Wheels
some of these pics might be a repost..
check the blog for more