29 Mar 2012

Rusty Gold Swap Meet on the 6th of May

We are organising a Swap Meet At the Cruise-Inn

Free entrance

Do you have classic wheels related stuff in your garage, barn or starage that you don't need any more?
Bring it to the Rusty Gold Swap Meet to trade or sell.
If it has anything to do with custom culture, has two wheels (or so), bring it!
We will have live music and food and drinks
Now all we need is sunshine and nice people

Zuiderzeeweg 29

Bring your best ride to show off!
No prices, no judges and no admission fee.
Just buy a drink at the bar and you will make our day.

If you want to get involved send a mail to rustygoldswapmeet@gmail.com
more info will follow in the coming days

Testing smartphone blog

Okay, first blog with my smartphone. How do I put à picture on the left side like I usually do, I have no idea..

But I see a picture and that's a start

28 Mar 2012

Painting in Brussels

The next 3 weeks I will be more in Brussels than in Amsterdam.
That probably means not a lot of bubble action for me.

but stay tuned..
some news about a swap meet will follow this week

If you know a nice custom shop in Brussels or if you have others tips let me know.

El Solitario MC

it's time for an update
Lot's of cool stuff happening at El Solitario MC's headquarters
We've been working on some projects together, you'll here more about that in ze future
check out all the cool projects they are working on

26 Mar 2012

Will Barras

I've shown some of this work before.
Will Barras has always been a big inspiration for a lot of artists.
He's an amazing painter with a very nice futuristic flowing style.
Check more of his work here

25 Mar 2012


Bubble mail
Got this mail from Jeff some time ago:

"I made a modernish board tracker with a fixie vibe to it. Its a horrible idea, but a lot of fun.
It'll go about 70mph with the honda 150cc twin 4speed drive train.

What do you think? 

Its running on ebay presently, if you like it and youd like any of the pictures from the listing,
let me know & Ill send them.

Hope alls well with you & your bike :-)


The bike sold for US $2,425.00. 
That's a bargain.

Very nice build Jeff!
Looks definitely like a lot fun 

23 Mar 2012

Eric Miles part 2

This is the second and last part

Eric Miles from Cannock, UK

"Luddite photographer- only recently gone digital- keen on Classic Motocross [- never! ] As a teenager, I used a 35mm camera which cost £9 in 1963. For a couple of outings, I scrounged a Practika IVb off an uncle. In 1970 I bought a Practika L and then an LTL in 1977- which I dropped on a block of concrete in 2002. Even East German utility jobs don't survive that treatment! I disinterred the Practika L. then bought a Olympus OM10 second hand in 2005. Was given a second OM10 in 2008 by someone who'd just gone digital and couldn't bear to bin it. Was eventually arm-twisted into buying a Nikon D7000. Still think the best cautionary tale about cameras and what they do is that of Bert Hardy and the 'Blackpool' Picture Post cover... "

Check much more of his work here on flickr
This is just a small selection