9 May 2015

GR650 - Exhaust part 2

Today I mounted the battery box, looking good :)
And Martin almost finished the headers of the exhaust. I like how it flows tightly around the frame, dope! :)))
Can't wait to to hear the thing with the new 2into1 but we first have to rewire the bike and clean the engine before I can start it up again.

GR650 - Exhaust

Last night and this morning we worked on the GR again. Martin continued to work on the exhaust. 
This is the first exhaust that he is working on. He's doing all the welding on the exhaust because I am still lacking a lot in the skills department, ha! We re-used some parts of the old headers from the GR. We also bought an old 4 into 1 header set from an old Japanese 4 in line that we cut in pieces. With these cheap elements we are trying to make the flowing 2 into one exhaust that I had in mind for the GR. Step by step it's getting in the right direction. :)

Project GR650 - Welding MIG/MAG

Last Tuesday I had a day off so I went to Eindhoven to work on the GR with Martin.
Martin continued to work on the exhaust and at the same he learned me to work with his new MIG/MAG welding machine.
I had never worked with a MIG/MAG before so I had to learn a lot....

I first tried to make some test welds. 
Than I tried to weld 1mm metal sheet in a 90 degrees angle.
Not a very easy thing to do I can tell you, ha!
After I had done it a few times I felt confident enough to start welding the battery box.

The curved line was super hard to do I found out. The straight lines did go sort of alright... 
I cleaned the welds with the grinder. I had to fill some gaps on the curved line but the rest looked not to bad for a newbe, ha!