13 Jan 2013

Kustom Korner Nude Rear Party

Yesterday Zoran and I had the plan to go to the Kustom Korner Nude Rear Party in Ede. But Zoran's dominator didn't like the plan very much and did not start at all..
So I started the trip alone on my Super 100. This was the first "big" trip I did with the Super.
In Utrecht I had a pit stop at shedbuiltbikes Michiel to drink some tea. I could not convince him to join me on my trip to Ede but he gave me the great advice to take the N224. Great road trough the Veluwe.

When I finally arrived at the Kustom Korner the party was almost over, hehe! But it was nice to see the new projects they are working on. Thank guys, I had a nice day!

15 minutes before dark I started my trip home. Took me 2,5 hours to get back riding the back roads between Ede and Amsterdam. The whole ride was a 190 km trip. When I arrived in Amsterdam it was freezing 1 degree Celsius. The Super did perfectly fine.

Lazer Kite

I painted this Lazer Monaca Kite last summer for Aad. Never had the opportunity to see the complete helmet with the black visor.
Yesterday at the Kustom Korner Nude Rear Party in Ede Aad was also there with the helmet so for the time I had some time to shoot this helmet, cool :)