21 May 2011


GR650 action

BC riding on my GR with my new AGV full face helmet.
he said It's loud...
I asked him to listen to some weird noises in the engine.. I always seem to hear noises that aren't there. he didn't hear a thing, ha!

raw candy design

I promised myself some years ago to never open up an engine...
and let me tell you, that's exactly what I did that today, aaaaahhhhh
today I went to Arnhem to my friend BC of Raw Candy Design. he learned me to change the cylinder head gasket.
everything looked OK inside the cylinder... at least that's what BC said. I had no idea what I was looking at.

I first had to remove the liquid gasket remains. tering jantje that sucks!
took me a long time. in the same time BC almost completely build op his freshly painted Honda CB550 street tracker...
but now at least my cylinder head isn't leaking any more and that's great! and we cleaned it up a little. I also removed the christmus tree with idiot lights and a lot of wires this morning so now my cockpit is a lot cleaner :)