28 Sept 2015

Nationaal Veteraan Treffen 2015 #3

Nationaal Veteraan Treffen Woerden 2015 #2

Nationaal Veteraan Treffen Woerden 2015

Last Saturday I went to the 25th anniversary of the Nationaal Veteraan Treffen in Woerden.
One of the best places to see classic bikes in the Netherlands and for some reason they always seem to have the perfect weather. The route from Amsterdam to Woerden is one and a half hours of winding roads in the country side. Beautiful trip. Great day to test the new GR650. It did not end very good for the GR.. Swapped the front brake in the morning. Didn't help very much so it still brakes like shit, so maybe I need to clean the disc. When I stopped halfway to take a leak the GR650 refused to start. Empty battery. Whoops. I could push start the bike but I knew this could mean more trouble.