2 Jan 2015

Happy New Year - Make plans not war #3

Mounted the Rear fender on the Ascot . Aaaaahhh, floating seat syndrome. Need new seat, this sucks.
Than I photsouped a new seat. That was in the end of 2014

So this is my plan for 2015.

Our plan for Rusty Gold 2015 on May the 3rd is bigger and better. Write it down!
More flat track racing :)
Do more, dream less

My plans for for the Ascot:

Make a new seat.
repaint the hagon shocks
make new side panels
paint the gas tank
powder coating the wheels
rewire some wires
new front forks
fix the cooling problems
and than use it as my daily rider

Plans for the GR650
I wanne ride it on the street and in the dirt and I want to ride it on Dirt Quake so I'm planning to give it a Street Tracker make over.

Flatslide carbs
Two sets of wheels
18" in the back 19" in the front.
19" Flat Track wheels with Maxxis or Golden tyres
new super light battery 
rewire the whole bike
new subframe
new seat

To make sure this will happen in 2015 I will have to sell some stuff and I'm in the middle of a career change. This will probably mean that I have less time for Bubble Visor but I will have a much bigger budget for my motorcycle addiction so hopefully that will result in doing more and less dreaming.

The Super 100 and the SV650 have to go.

What are your plans for 2015?

Happy New Year - Make plans not war #2

I used my Barn Fresh Bell Bullitt design as a starting point to make a design for the new Ascot rear fender. First I made some Photosoup sketches. With fine line tape I made the final design. made some mistakes. Long story short. It looks better in the pictures than on the Ascot so I will have to chance it a bit...

Happy New Year - Make plans not war

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