2 May 2012

Rusty Gold Swap Meet

Just heard the WrenchMonkees from Copenhagen booked their ticket for Rusty Gold. :)
So don't tell me your not coming because it's to far away

Today I started to collect stuff for Sunday
I'll also bring my cb400f project and some more stuff
Please send an email to rustygoldswapmeet@gmail.com if your planning to sell stuff at Rusty Gold!
At this time we don't have a clue how many people will show up and we are trying to make a rough planning for the day.

This Sunday the Rusty Gold Swap Meet

It's almost time to collect your stuff for the Rusty Gold Swap Meet.
Do you have classic wheels related stuff in your garage, barn or balcony that you don't need any more?
Bring it to the Rusty Gold Swap Meet and trade or sell it.
If it has anything to do with custom culture, has two wheels (or so), bring it! 
We will have live music and food and drinks

Zuiderzeeweg 29

Bring your best ride to show off!
No prices, no judges and no admission fee. Just buy a drink at the bar and you will make our day.

If you want to get involved send a mail to rustygoldswapmeet@gmail.co 

Please no commercial new bs, only used or cool stuf! Bring your best bikes and if you come by car, you can park up front and take you merch to the venue. Weather forcast is looking allright. It's not going to be hot but at least no rain, we hope :) We hope to see you there! 

Junk Motor

makes very original parts
check the blog here for much more

Ze Last Chance Garage du 78

This used to be one of my favourite blogs
I would check it a few times a week but now they have this very complicated blog interface.
It looks great but it's just not my thing.
My brain is to simple for complicated things...
It still is a very cool blog. Check it here