23 Mar 2012

Eric Miles part 2

This is the second and last part

Eric Miles from Cannock, UK

"Luddite photographer- only recently gone digital- keen on Classic Motocross [- never! ] As a teenager, I used a 35mm camera which cost £9 in 1963. For a couple of outings, I scrounged a Practika IVb off an uncle. In 1970 I bought a Practika L and then an LTL in 1977- which I dropped on a block of concrete in 2002. Even East German utility jobs don't survive that treatment! I disinterred the Practika L. then bought a Olympus OM10 second hand in 2005. Was given a second OM10 in 2008 by someone who'd just gone digital and couldn't bear to bin it. Was eventually arm-twisted into buying a Nikon D7000. Still think the best cautionary tale about cameras and what they do is that of Bert Hardy and the 'Blackpool' Picture Post cover... "

Check much more of his work here on flickr
This is just a small selection