4 Apr 2011


GR650 action this weekend

drilled some speed holes in my side panels just for fun.
painted them with hammerite white.. oops! not a good idea

tried some gas tanks.
the TL125 was to small and did not fit at all. will use it for the cb400f
The rd125 looks nice but is not what I'm looking for
the GT250 doesn't fit and isn't really nice but the xt250 gas tank sort of fit's and I think I like it. Could be nice with a new seat, paint job and some grinder magic...

then I tried to clean up the stock GR tank. dropped it on the floor while sandpapering the ugly bastard.. ouch! new dent on the side...

after the fist layer of paint I saw I needed to clean it up little bit more.
to be continued..

Brough Superior SS 100 Pendine Racer

1000 cc V-Twin Jap Engine 1927
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