4 Apr 2011


GR650 action this weekend

drilled some speed holes in my side panels just for fun.
painted them with hammerite white.. oops! not a good idea

tried some gas tanks.
the TL125 was to small and did not fit at all. will use it for the cb400f
The rd125 looks nice but is not what I'm looking for
the GT250 doesn't fit and isn't really nice but the xt250 gas tank sort of fit's and I think I like it. Could be nice with a new seat, paint job and some grinder magic...

then I tried to clean up the stock GR tank. dropped it on the floor while sandpapering the ugly bastard.. ouch! new dent on the side...

after the fist layer of paint I saw I needed to clean it up little bit more.
to be continued..


AteZ said...

XT Tank Looks best, just loose the side panels and move electronics under the seat and treat yourself with some nice K&N filters (that is what i would do ;-))

Zoran Holtkamp said...

I agee with AteZ!

Unknown said...

Loose the sidepanels!

marfar said...

yep, go for the xt tank. why don't you use some sidepanels like these ones: http://www.bricksite.com/wrenchmonkees?id=195046&catalogue_selected=111179_9027#111179 ? Anyway, you'll have to move some of the electronics and make a proper seat that will suit the new tank. Greez Marc

Hugo said...

XT! That tank is a mark in motorcycle history

Anonymous said...

I love the musical gas tank game. Every bike I get.

Bubble Visor said...

K&N filters would be nice but I'm not going to change that on this bike. side panels and seat will go but first I'll have to make a new seat/tail. till then I want to keep this thing on the road. want to make my own metal tail. hope to get a welding machine this week.. :)

Brauchi said...

... seeem's you're doing the same as i do on the W: testing tanks :D

Paz said...

Lovely bike.

kapdeporc said...

Suzuki GT 250 +10 points ;)

Ruud said...

Wat voor kontje moet erop komen?
Tanks passen blijft lastig,maar je eigen tank laten vallen,valt nog mee..Ik heb hem twee keer zo groot gemaakt door een combinatie van lassen en nog te veel benzine in de porien van de tank..Heb er niks aan overgehouden :D

Bubble Visor said...

zoiets wil ik maken

maar ik ben er nog niet helemaal uit :)

had de foto van je ontplofte tank gezien, ja.. heffie

de dop zat er toen niet op neem ik aan? wel bizar dat zoiets kan gebeuren. tank zelf maken of aanpassen raad iedereen me af i.v.b.m. lekken.

Ruud said...

Ja,ik denk dat er gewoon nog wat benzine damp inzat..Ik schrok me kapot!Maar wel een vet voorbeeld!Is een flattrack kontje niks?

User.One said...

Ah the tank game. I hate to rain, but I think the OE tank looks the best on the bike. Especially if you are keeping with the stock sidepanels.
Which are going to be a nightmare to paint now they've seen Hammerite. Get them back to bare plastic, then a couple of coats of barrier paint before you try any fresh paint on them.
Keep it coming :)

Bubble Visor said...

ken ik me voorstellen, ha!

flattrackzitje past niet bij wat ik met deze motor wil en ik wil zelf een zitje maken, misschien van een ouwe tank..
heb nu een lasapparaat. nu nog een helm en ik kan gaan prutsen, yes!

@user one
the stock will do for now but I want a lower tank.
yes the hammerite needs to go..
will do that this weekend