7 Nov 2013

Ruote Rugginose - part 2 - Spice Motorcycles 1956 Triumph TR6 and a nice rigid XS650

Some more dope stuff from Ruote Ruggginose

The 1956 Triumph TR6 is one of my favorite bikes of 2013.
Love how the lines flow on this bike, very cool seat, dope handle bars.

Build by Spice Motorcycles from Japan

The Speedboys - Part 4

The last one for now from the Speedboys

Asphalt and Rubber - Husky 701 concept

In my Quest for Eicma news yesterday I found the very good Asphalt and Rubber site
and Motoblog.it They where both the first sites online with shots from the show and press pictures of all the new bikes on Eicma. Much faster that say for example Hell for Leather Rideapart or Oliepeil.
Oliepeil and Rideapart are still the sites to check if you want that "We don't give a shit" point of view that no other motorcycle news site gives you but they can learn a thing or two from Asphalt and Rubber and Motoblog.it in terms of bringing you the news a.s.a.p.

Here are some very nice shots of the new Husky 701 Concept that is packed with need details.