28 Nov 2014

Sideburn #19

Sideburn is the only magazine that I that I've collected from Issue #1. I've got them all :) And now my artwork is featured on the cover of the new issue #19. Whoohaa!! Never dreamed that would happen! Thanks Gary and Ben, you rock my world :) Pre order it now on the Sideburn shop. SideBurn X Barn Fresh T-Shirt coming soon :)

12 Nov 2014

Friend of Bubble Visor - Intermot 2014 #7

Last pics from Intermot 2014. 
My Barn Fresh X Bell Helmet!!!

The last time I checked it did not show up on the official Bell website but some webshops already give you the option to pre order my 2015 Bullitt online. If you're interested in one of these special edition Barn Fresh X Bell Bell Bullitts it may be wise to shop around. Prices range from £324.99  $457.59 470,20€, 519.99 $

Can't wait to see it with my own eyes :)
Pics from friend of BubbleVisor