24 Jul 2015

Dirt Quake 4 - #3

Dirt Quake is one of my favorite motorcycle events of the year. The people, the bikes, the races, the action, the pits, the track, the camp site next to the track, the riders, the music, the fun and the wonderful people that make it all happen. Thanks guys!

Dirt Quake 4 - #2

How I left Dirt Quake and arrived in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Great place, lovely people, I can recommend it for sure ;)

Dirt Quake 4 - #1

I'll go back in time. This was last Sunday.
My brother Martin Schuurmans on the right, me in the middle and Tin-tinovici on the left. This is a few minutes after I was released from the hospital showing my face and waving goodbye to friends at the Trackside Trailer Trash camping.