8 Jul 2012

Achterveld Cafe Racer Dag 2012

Today was the 25th Cafe racer Day in Achterveld.
And today was the first time they had rain in 25 years... Lots of rain..
When I arrived in Achterveld I was soaked an it was still raining
but after some time it started to clear a little bit and in the end of the day there was some sun shine.
This may not be their most successful year but still al lot of nice bikes showed up.

For me it ended not very nice. 3 minutes after I left the scene on my way home my Suzuki broke down. Probebly my becouse my regulator/rectifier died. My headlight bulb needed to be replaced two times in 50 meters and my battery boiled over so I had to leave my gr650 in Achterveld.
Luckely at that time my neigbour called me that he just arived in Achterveld minutes after I left. So he could bring me savely home on his TDM900. Thanks Jeroen!

Here the first pictures of the day. This Norton was so cool, very raw and with a lot of character. If there would be a Bubble Award this bike would be the winner of the award.