2 Mar 2012


On the 30 of December my battery died.
At that time I had my own personal Euro crisis so I decided to go on my bicycle for the next nine weeks.
Yesterday I received a new battery and Kay helped me to jump start the GR so I could ride for the first time in 2012.

Something else happened in the first weeks of 2012.
Me and my biker friends started our own Sidewalk Mechanics crew: Roest
"Roest" is rust in Dutch.

My left cylinder was still sleeping the first ten kilometres or so but after some tlc it joined the fun.
Kay had some problems with his clutch cable on his Raw Candy cb750 and Paul's R1 was still in sleeping
mode when we wanted to go but finally we rode to the the opening of Bikeroutfit.
A new Secondhand biker gear shop in Amsterdam Noord. More about Bikeroutfit in a few days.
We arrived ten minutes before closing time.. Drank a beer, went to Ian's place and
celebrated our first Roest Ride with some pepperoni oven pizza's and some more beer.   

So hear you see me wearing our new crew shirt just after my first ride of the year.


Pics from the Lowside Bike Show in Maryland, USA
In the mix some other cool pics from the Whiskey Racer
Thanks dude, nice one!