17 Oct 2017

Sunday is Funday: Flattrack - Reitse Put

This Sunday I had a lot of fun racing a rental TM 450 and Suzuki 450 RMZ at Speedway Lelystad. The weather was crazy hot for the time of the year, perfect for some flat track action and so a lot of riders showed up. Reitse Put Made this great video of our race day at Speedway Lelystad, thanks dude!

9 Oct 2017

Yokai Motorcycle Engineering - 100% Hand-engineered in Manchester, UK

Lawrence Crompton is the man behind Yokai Motorcycle Engineering
Lawrence makes beautiful 100% hand-engineered universal motorcycle 
products in Manchester, UK. I asked Lawrence to tell us about is work 
and how he started;

"Like a lot of us motorcycle enthusiasts I started out looking at my
first bike thinking, “this isn't mine until I've done something to it”. I'd
like to think the majority of us, irrespective of our experience or
knowledge love to tinker. In a sea of press-mould cars for press-
mould people, motorcycles still offer a great scope for individuality.
Whether you want to build something from the frame up, or just add
some stickers to your helmet, it's the feeling that this is “me”.

Logically, I went for the peripherals, lights, handlebars etc... I
searched online and a couple of days later a small plain box
arrived. Inside was a tail light that you can still find on eBay today.
Stamped Made in China, it never felt right having something mass-
produced with such little passion or quality on a motorcycle that was
meant to be unique. I must've had that light apart every other
journey, repairing connections that faltered every time you hit a
bump. Eventually, it ended up in the bits box, already rusting with a
melted lens...

At the time I was working for an aluminium extrusion company as a
CAD draughtsman, but that wasn't my passion, and for better or
worse I was made redundant just before Christmas. Luckily, I've
been blessed to grow up with a Dad who has always had a lathe in
his workshop. The smell of cutting oil and swarf on the carpets was
completely natural to me and it seemed the right time to try
something new.

Operating just outside Manchester England, I started Yokai
Motorcycle Engineering, as a way to address a gap in the market
that I felt was apparent for originally designed, well-thought out and
lovingly hand-engineered products. I turn my products using,
traditional manual techniques, without the use of any computer-
based machinery. The designs are unique, and completely original
to the point where I make a lot of my own tooling and jigs.
Everything you see is 100% meticulously crafted in my workshop.

When people purchase my work, whether it's lighting, footpegs, or
anything else I might produce in the future, I want them to feel
inspired by my passion as an engineer. To know that these items
weren't thrown out of a factory at top speed for maximum profit with
built-in obsolescence, but instead made with love to a standard that
I am proud to share.

All of my products are hand-turned from start to finish in high-quality
aluminium. Any other fitments, such as mouting legs are stainless
steel. I feel this combination of materials provides excellent weather
resistance, as well as strength and longevity. As mentioned before, I
really don't believe in built-in obsolescence. To me, it's a sign of
poor design and it is disrespectful to your customers. And so any
bulbs that I use are readily available and cost-effective to replace.
They come in a variety of colours and this multi-functionality adds
further scope to how you can use my products. Unless stated I
always use dual-function LED bulbs, so that they will work as
running AND tail/brake lights. I know LED clusters are a popular
choice for a lot of people, and I often get asked why I don't use
them. The answer is simply that they are hard-wired into your loom,
and to replace them means a lot more work than simply swapping
out a bulb. I know that to many of you reading this, soldering a new
cluster isn't the end of the world, but there are those who prefer a
less invasive method. As someone who puts in a few miles too I
always prefer the idea of carrying a couple of spare bulbs, just in

Finally, where possible all my products feature a hand-stamped
Yokai Motorcycle Engineering logo. This is my maker's mark which
I'm proud to display on each product. This subtle detail isn't there to
detract from the overall design, but rather to just remind you that
these were made by a person who shares your passion for two

Go to the Yokai webshop to see all his product and check his insta
for to stay up to date about new product.

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