8 May 2017

Hells Race 2017 - Speedway Lelystad #3

Hells Race 2017 - Speedway Lelystad #2

Hells Race 2017 - Speedway Lelystad #1

This weekend the guys from Sinner Supply organized Hells Race for the second time. 
Hells Race started in Helzold, Belgium in 2016. For the second edition in 2017 they moved the event to Speedway Lelystad in the Netherlands. The weather was great during the weekend, lot's of great people came to see the training and the races. We saw hardcore grassroots racing with racers from all over Europe. Great crowd. Meeting frieds and making new ones. We camped at the race track, had good food, the atmosphere was great, thank you Hells Race. Killer event!

Speedway Lelystad is a beautiful little race track located 40 minutes from Amsterdam next to airport Lelystad. So no noise restrictions, sweet!!!
Dirk Pieper and Dimitri Hettinga are the new owners since a few months and this was the first race event since they own the track. Dirk and Dimitri are the same dudes that got me into flat tracking..!

Running a race track is a lot of work so they are depending on volunteers.
This weekend I was one of many volunteers, helping them out. If you like to get involved to make more race days happen send a mail to INFO@SPEEDWAYLELYSTAD.NL

Saterday was training day. Being a marshall on the track is a sweet job, standing in the center of all the action! Will do it again! They also asked me to take some pictures of the event. Made 1200 pics, haha! So in the following weeks I will post them here and on social media. :)

Racing can be dangerous. My buddy Zoran from the Rusty Gold Motorshop joined the broken colarbones brigade in the last round of the newbies final. Get well soon my friend!

Good to know.
Speedway Lelystad also has flat track bikes for rent, so if you would like to get into flat track racing but you don't have a bike of your own, just rent one!