17 Mar 2011

Motoyan - No Future Kids

some positive news from japan.

again I would like to bring you a very much needed Motoyan update.
a small selection of his recent work. he's got such an iconic style.

thanks Motoyan for sharing your crazy nice subculture adventures. love this stuff so much!
Motoyan went from japan to the states to visit Shinya Kimura (Chabott Engineering) and Jeff Wright (church of choppers) and came back to japan.
some mind blowing fish eye candy

check the rest of his work here
nfkffnfk blog

vintage bike adiction

found some second hand Kevin Baas 16 inch ribbed wheel covers for my gr650. now I just have to make them fit..
vintage bike addiction is the blog of kevin baas. check it here
a small seletion from his blog