20 Oct 2015

Big Bad Wolf detail shots!

Since yesterday El Solitario's Big Bad Wolf is all over the internet, I'm sure you've seen it. :) 
But I was missing the details shots..!

I wanted to see this wild thing up close!

So I asked David to send me some close ups and he did, I'm so lucky ha!

The Big Bad Wolf is here
Click on the pics to see it in HIGH RES!

This thing is bananas!
The details are insane!
Keep in mind El Solitario never made a high performance race monster before and now they do this.
This thing is packed with high end race components and it's not just show, the big bad wolf killed the cat. This thing was not only build to race, it won the race! Yes, it has strange face, but I like it, A LOT!
Beautiful paint job from Death Spray Custom. All the custom cnc'd parts...!
The amount of time and money that went in this thing must be insane.
I need those brakes, they are so freaking dope it's absurd.
Wish I saw this bike with my own eyes but this comes close :)

I may sound hysterical but I'm super impressed! What a killer machine, thanks David!