12 Oct 2010

Bubble mail

time for some bubble mail,

news from Nick DePaolo. This XS650 is from extreme talented Fixed gear freestyler Keo Curry.
he's riding for Redline.
Nick dePaolo says Keo Rides his XS just like his fixie. Would love to see that on video!
Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

mail from Gilberto Manoch,

"Hi Bubblevisor
I would like to introduce my project.

Is one of the kawasaki KZ200 1982, project by MOTOTRIGGER.
MOTOTRIGGER is my own custom garage, based in Jakarta.
I named this motorbike "Ulah Adigung" inspired by Tommy Manoch's bike wich is my father.
He wrote "Ulah Adigung" on his bike Honda CB 250 before his Indonesian Grand prix race 1963 at Curug Airport.
Ulah Adigung means Don't be arrogant.
He won the race in 250cc and 350cc class as the youngest racer..

Please check my link below,

Hope you and Bubblevisorer will enjoy my project.

Thank you."

Great story and super sweet bike Gilberto!
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Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

mail from Stuart

"Hey there,

Just caught the site and thought you might like to see what I did a few years ago to a Ducati Monster... 24 1/2" seat height, 1 1/2" suspension travel, torquey 900 motor, sub 300 lbs...

Love your website & am sure I'll be lost in it for hours...

More at: www.flightcycles.com"

amazing ducati special! but to be honest I think it needs a bigger rear rim but that's just my bubble vision
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Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

mail from Lorenzo

this is a good frenchbike !



i have no idea if this is his Voxan or just a good frechbike but I like it!

"The Voxan is a Voxin (Voxan engine with french one off Martin frame).

build by a french enthusiast"
Thanks Sonic WeB!

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mail from Richard Baybutt

How's it going? The blog is going well. Really good one.

Corpses from Hell have a new t shirt design and some good photos to go with. Is it possible to put something up on Bubblevisor (ps - you were the inspiration for getting our bubble visors)? Thanks.

photography by www.richardbaybutt.com
artwork by www.maxwellp.co.uk

Hope all's well. Interested to see how the honda is coming on.

Take it easy.


you can see the most recent pictures of my honda
below the new corpsesshirtbubble madness
Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

mail from Landon Reimer,

"Van Bubble Visor,

I am huge fan of your website. You have shown me the light that is bubble visors. As a result I tracked down my very own bubble visor. I now proudly wear it. I would be honored if you posted this picture of my bubble visor helmet. Plus that's a pic of my motorcycle. Do whatever you want with that.

P.S. - More Ms. Bubble Visor, please! hahaha.


and he's right, I will post more pictures Ms Bubblevisor soon
Van bubble visor

his nice yamaha, looks like a xs 750 (?)
Van bubble visor

if you've got news, want to show you bike, mc artwork, cool links or something bubbly mail me
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