22 Mar 2014

1995 Bultaco leather jacket for sale

1995 Bultaco leather jacket made in Spain
Bought it two years ago but it's to short for me, Damn! Would wear this everyday, ha!
I'm a long slim dude, 183 cm size M, chest size 98. It's at least 10 cm to short for me and the arms are 5cm to short. 
Small hole in the lining
It can be yours for 70,- euro SOLD

Vintage trumpet/cocktail shaker exhausts for sale

Set of vintage trumpet/cocktail shaker exhausts from a Norton
No cheap ass remakes
the heavy chrome is still in great condition
60 euro for the set - SOLD
51cm x 4 cm

Kevin Baas Rippled Wheel Covers for sale

I'm having a spring sale.
Need cash to work work on the Townsmoker and project SV650 :)

"Kevin Baas Rippled Wheel Covers: 15" rippled wheel disk that is modified to fit on a 16" starhub motocycle wheel. The 2 covers bolt together around the wheel with threaded spacers in between and chrome button head allen bolts. Can be used on the front or rear tires."


Never used
Kevin sells them for 350 dollar
I'm selling them for 200 euro
They fit perfectly on my GR650 16" rear wheel but I changed plans. 

Bought a new rear 18" rim for it. 
mail to: infoATlennardschuurmansDOTcom

2strokebiker - part 2

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2strokebiker - part !

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