15 Mar 2017

The Harley vs Polaris battle

So here is my wild theory that I just dropped in my last post for the upcoming new Indian "Ignite" that will be presented in a few months from now. The Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 is Harley Davidson's first real production model outside the cruiser segment. A Sportster with clip-ons and mid-controls is not a standard, it's a cruiser with some mods. The Livewire is still a concept model. They have never had a real standard model in their range. The only thing that came close was the XR1200 but that was a Sportster (trying to look like a) street tracker, (and failed in that aspect), still a cool bike though. Yes, the profile of this bike reminds very much of the XR1200 but this is a totally new territory for Harley. No component of this bike has a any link to a Harley flat tracker at all, not even Harley's iconic orange-and-black livery that was used on the XR750's. Matt King of media relations said "the model is built to appeal to a specific to a demographic in a space where we don’t really have a product.” In Harley terms, this bike is not build on their heritage, this bike is a new bloodline.

Why now you may ask?
When Victory came with the Ignition concept model last year, after they had used the same engine in the Roland Sands Pike's Peak racer, the internet exploded. It looked like Polaris was broadening their range and would be the first big twin American manufacturer to make a serious attempt to build a bike outside the cruiser segment. Harley got nervous and decided to have an answer ready. Just compare these 2 bikes, the similarities are striking.

A few weeks after Harley started working on the Street Rod 750,Victory presented the Octane production model, a very much watered down version of the Victory Ignition concept bike. The reception of the production bike was underwhelming to say the least. And a few months later Polaris closed down Victory, coincidence?

So now Harley beat Polaris in this new American big twin segment. This battle will continue.
Polaris/Indian will respond. They will make a faster, better handling street/standard bike that will crush the XR750 Street Rod in a few months from now, no doubt it will happen. 

The question is.. How will Harley respond to that? And so on, and so on,... This is going to be exciting! :))))

Midwest Moto’s - One One Five - Indian Scout

Love this wild transformation!
When do you think Indian will come up with a production bike like this?
Since Harley used/copied the Victory Ignite concept for the new Street Rod 750, I'm sure Polaris/Indian is pissed and will have their answer ready in a few months from now. Remember you heard it here first, haha!
Bron Rocket Garage

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Today some more rad bikes found on Rocket Garage
Let's start with this super cool little sr400 dragracer from Fatboy Design