28 May 2012

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2012

One of the biggest Kustom Kulture shows in Europe
This is gonna be the 10th year anniversary.

"Since 2003  every year the Airport "Schwarze Heide" in Bottrop turns into one of the biggest Kustom Kulture Shows in Europe. Car Clubs & Lone Wolfs from all over Europe come to show their Hot Rods, Kustom cars and Cool Motorbikes!

We have around 250 pre 1965 hot rods and kustom cars and 150 bad ass bikes. And they don´t only show them standing around! They will be racing their machines in 2012, too on  the vintage 1/8 mile race on the airport.
The Kustom Kulture Show in Bottrop is not only famous for the Hot Rods, Kustom Cars and Bikes - it´s famous because of the really large group of over 30 Kustom Kulture artist from all over the world. Dont miss it, its the only one in Europe where all this shit comes together - and we have the best party peoples around!"

Great vibe, Cool Hot Rods and Bikes.
Who's planning to go?
check the site <a href="http://www.bottropkustomkulture.com/english/index.html">here</a>

Slightly Different Specials

Cool blog
check it here

27 May 2012

more savage!

Bram found the build thread of Savage, thanks Bram!
Read it, this dude has got the wildest design ideas and mind blowing skills.
also some pics of ealier stages of this bike

26 May 2012

Crazy TMB Motorsport Savage

It's not a Honda
Can't really find the original source of this bike
This thing must be moped size.. take a look at those 17inch wheels, they look huge!
this thing is ini mini
very sexy swingarm

Otto Nero

Some cool stuff from Otto Nero