15 Jun 2011

the trip

Thursday before I rode to Rotterdam to meet Jelle and Jan I painted my Old Arai helmet with a rattle can. Jelle is my best friend since I'm 9 years old and his dad is my dentist :)
this is the fourth year we do a trip together like this.

Friday we left to Dunkerque in France where we took the two hour boat trip to Dover. from there we rode to the White House, our nice bed and breakfast 40 min. west of Silverstone.

Saturday we went to Silverstone to watch the qualifying of the MotoGP, Moto2 and 125cc and to see the friendly sideburn crew at the short-track race. read about Ben Parts hot piss gas explosion on the Sideburnblog
nice vibe there in the pitch. lots of Italian riders with a lot of style on the track. there also was some nice mx freestyle in the middle of the short-track track.
we bought some goodies at the Sideburn stand and at the end of the day we where the last bikes on the parking lot.

Sunday the weather sucked like a baby. but luckily we we're sitting dry watching the MotoGP on very good seats. Stoner won the exciting race. before the MotoGP we saw MOTO2 for the first time. very nice with 40 riders on the track. not really fast but a lot of action.

Monday we rode back. great ride, nice weather. we arrived in Dover in the mist.
we had a little bit of rain in Belgium but the last two hours the sun was shining.
My rear light stopped working and the GR drinks a lot of oil when ridden fast(more than 1,5 litres on this trip) and I also need a new rear tyre now but my skoot had no problems at all :)
we had a great time and are looking forward to our trip next year.