18 Oct 2012

Cannonball Rally 2012 Cotati, California

23 september
"Last night on the road for the Cannonball Rally. It was great to see the bikes and talk with the riders...everyone was extraordinarily friendly. The Rally finishes in San Francisco tomorrow.
My brother Mike saw them in Pennsylvania their first day on the road.

Thanks again Al for an other great contribution!
Cheers, Lenny

Space Shuttle Last Flight

22 sept.
"Lenny, I know you are a motorcycle guy...but you might enjoy this hardware too.
Today the Endeavor flew over the Golden Gate Bridge on its last flight.
I had the good fortune to be there.

Hope all is well, Al."

Thanks Al, great shots!
That's an amazing sight.

Rocket Garage

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Old Skool kawasaki topic

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