11 Mar 2014

Justin Jankus - John

Bubble mail:
"The other are images of my friend’s shop.  I know him from this organization we both belong to, the Massachusetts British Iron Association, a group of die hard Brit Bike fans.  John has deep appreciation and knowledge of Velocettes and airhead BMWs, enough that crammed into his basement during the winter there are around 19-21 bikes, all in various states of repair.  The coolest new addition is his Velocette Scrambler build which can be seen in the black and white images that I shot with a 4x5 film camera.  As the weather over on the US East Coast convinces itself more and more that is actually spring, I will be headed back to his shop to get some of these absolute beauties into the nice warm sun.  I still have to take photos of his garage which houses two Urals, a lot more airheads, and a few 100cc Hondas he’s building to race each other.  Should be pretty rad!

If nothing I hope you like the photos and thanks again for featuring me!!

Thanks Justin, great stuff!

Check more of Justin's pics on his Flickr stream
And on his blog

Justin Jankus - Jimbo

Bubble mail: 
I've featured Justin's pictures before and yesterday he send me some more great pics!

"The “Jimbo” images are of my friend’s rebuild of his CB550 cafe.  He just had everything bead blasted and ported and was fitting larger pistons to get it up to 600cc or thereabouts."

Here is a link to his Flickr stream

And one to his blog
Thanks Justin!