7 Mar 2015

Gregor Rosenberger - XS650

Bubble Mail:

I my quest for the Duro rear tire I received a nice email from Greg.
He send me pictures of his beautifull XS650 on Dunlop K70 tyres.
The Duro HF308 4.00-18 that I was looking for is almost identical to the K70 tyre. The duro's are half the price of the Dunlops so that's why I wanted to try the duro's myself.
I had allready bought the exact sie rims for my GR650 so this is pretty much the same look of wheels that my GR650 will have. Looking very good! :))))

Here's the rest of our conversation:

"Hey Lenny! Thanks for the kind words to my XS! The pipe headers look cool, but they scrape
in every corner i take... Well, if you want to ride it on the dirttrack and only
in lefthand circles its no problem, but right turns tend to be a bit of a
problem if you like to go low :-)
But they were pretty cheap to get.
Btw: I was out with Jan-Willem last Saturday, I went to hof with him too. He
lives quite close from me, how small the world is :-)
Keep up the great work! Ur site was a lot of help for me during the build!"

Oh, and thats where i ordered the pipeheaders http://www.xs650shop.de/front_content.php?idcat=57
185€ maybe it works with your bike too with little mods?

"Ha, what a coincident! :)
Okay, good to know about the headers, thanks!
How do you like the Dunlops in the corners? Did you ever tried them in the rain?"

The dunlops are pretty decent tires I must say. I never had an uncomfortable
feeling. Always felt safe in corners. I did ride in the rain but only slow since
i havent mounted a front mudguard yet. Its a nightmare without haha! Even with
just a little rain it picks up all the water from the street and throws it right
in your face... But since they have quite the knobby texture i never doubtet the
grip in the rain. But then again, the xs is a 40 year old bike, i think before
the tires are giving me an issue, its the poor suspension that does :-)


In the end I found the rear Duro HF308 4.00-18 that I was looking for on a site in Poland.
After a lot of google translate and some help from my polish friend Michal Dudzinski it arrived in Amsterdam for something like 40,- euro inclusive shipping..!

A few weeks later I found out why the Duro HF308 4.00-18 is so hard to get.
I received a very interesting email from HWA FONG RUBBER IND. CO. LTD.
"Dear Mr. Lennard Schuurmans,

Hi! This is Natalie. I receive your enquiry from our USA branch office with thanks.

For your enquiry about 110/80-18 HF308 tire:
We don’t produce this tire because of no mold for it.
Sorry we can’t supply you.

Best regards

So my guess is that I probably have one of the last ones available...!

Barn Fresh X Bell Bullitt - The making-of # 3

After the base colour I started adding details in of white, grey and black using pin stripe tape to make the shapes and line.

It was great to work for Bell on this design. Online I see people riding aorund with the helmet and it's finaly for sale now in the Netherlands too so order your Barn Fresh X Bell Bullitt online if you like what you see here :)

For me it's super annoying that I still have to wait for my own Bell Bullitts, Bell still didn't send me my helmets... F#*k !! Come on guys, make it work! You know I want to ride around with that helmet super bad! Make it happen Andy!!!

Rusty Gold - Swap + Meet - 2015

We're doing it again! For the fourth time we organize The Rusty Gold Swap Meet.
On the 3rd of May at the Cruise-Inn in Amsterdam.

I just finished this new Rusty Gold Tee design that will be for sale soon.
More info will follow.
Check the Rusty Gold Facebook page for updates

We hope to see you there!
Zoran and Lenny.