7 Mar 2015

Gregor Rosenberger - XS650

Bubble Mail:

I my quest for the Duro rear tire I received a nice email from Greg.
He send me pictures of his beautifull XS650 on Dunlop K70 tyres.
The Duro HF308 4.00-18 that I was looking for is almost identical to the K70 tyre. The duro's are half the price of the Dunlops so that's why I wanted to try the duro's myself.
I had allready bought the exact sie rims for my GR650 so this is pretty much the same look of wheels that my GR650 will have. Looking very good! :))))

Here's the rest of our conversation:

"Hey Lenny! Thanks for the kind words to my XS! The pipe headers look cool, but they scrape
in every corner i take... Well, if you want to ride it on the dirttrack and only
in lefthand circles its no problem, but right turns tend to be a bit of a
problem if you like to go low :-)
But they were pretty cheap to get.
Btw: I was out with Jan-Willem last Saturday, I went to hof with him too. He
lives quite close from me, how small the world is :-)
Keep up the great work! Ur site was a lot of help for me during the build!"

Oh, and thats where i ordered the pipeheaders http://www.xs650shop.de/front_content.php?idcat=57
185€ maybe it works with your bike too with little mods?

"Ha, what a coincident! :)
Okay, good to know about the headers, thanks!
How do you like the Dunlops in the corners? Did you ever tried them in the rain?"

The dunlops are pretty decent tires I must say. I never had an uncomfortable
feeling. Always felt safe in corners. I did ride in the rain but only slow since
i havent mounted a front mudguard yet. Its a nightmare without haha! Even with
just a little rain it picks up all the water from the street and throws it right
in your face... But since they have quite the knobby texture i never doubtet the
grip in the rain. But then again, the xs is a 40 year old bike, i think before
the tires are giving me an issue, its the poor suspension that does :-)


In the end I found the rear Duro HF308 4.00-18 that I was looking for on a site in Poland.
After a lot of google translate and some help from my polish friend Michal Dudzinski it arrived in Amsterdam for something like 40,- euro inclusive shipping..!

A few weeks later I found out why the Duro HF308 4.00-18 is so hard to get.
I received a very interesting email from HWA FONG RUBBER IND. CO. LTD.
"Dear Mr. Lennard Schuurmans,

Hi! This is Natalie. I receive your enquiry from our USA branch office with thanks.

For your enquiry about 110/80-18 HF308 tire:
We don’t produce this tire because of no mold for it.
Sorry we can’t supply you.

Best regards

So my guess is that I probably have one of the last ones available...!

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