28 Feb 2013


Ribera from Italie send me a couple of pictures of his yamaha xj 550 that he recently finished.
The XJ550 is a bike you don't see very often in the custom world but this bike proves it 's a very good base for a rad bike.
I like how the lines of the gas tank flow with the seat and with the nice tires and black rims it's a sexy looking bike.
He says with the titanium exhaust, lithium battery and other stuff it is very light and fun to drive. 
He promised me to send better pictures soon :)

27 Feb 2013

26 Feb 2013

Dunecraft Balance Bikes

Sideburn Ben tipped me on this beautiful toy.

The Dunecraft balance bike is based on an early 1920s Isle of Man TT winning racing motorbike.
It is made of top quality birch wood and comes fully assembled with a stand.
The balance bike is suitable for children from the age of 3 or those above the height of 86cm.
The seat can be adjusted to three different heights. The bike weighs 8 kg.
The Dunecraft balance bike is hand-made from the start to the finish.
A balance bike is the best way to start before learning to ride a bicycle.

Ever since Gijs Dune discovered his father’s toolbox in the basement (at the age of 5), he started unscrewing things,
curious to see what was in the inside and how it worked.
"The beautiful antique clock which my parents received as their wedding present also had to give way to my curiosity.
I remember very well my father’s reaction after he discovered what I had done…
I have been fiddling with tools ever since then."
His interest in how things work grew and motorbikes in particular became his passion.
"My ultimate dream came true in 2000 when I restored my 1948 Vincent Rapide, to original factory standard."

Gijs is mainly self-taught in all his skills. He inherited his technical interest from his father
and the artistic creativity from his mother.
The result is the beautiful wooden, high quality, hand-made Dunecraft balance bike.
The company is based in Leiden, a university town in the Netherlands where bicycles are the main form of transportation
due to the narrow streets, dense population and the short distance between destinations.

More info here on the Dunecraft site

When I was a little kid I dreamt about having my own motorbike.
Dunecraft can make that dream come true for a lot of kids.


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